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October 23, 2006



Eek, maybe I should get around to that... Sausage and waffles? Sounds like he was livin' it up at Roscoe's.


Yeah, this thing is made for you.


Now people won't think I'm a lacrosse player or the love child of Josh Hartnett and Colin Powell.


This is precisely why my series of tubes (all of em) will remain intact until I'm 112: I eats the sausage and the waffles, like, all my life. Interestingly, I have no problem with net identity at all (big surprise there). That is, unless you truncate my name to just gaela. Only then might one confuse me with that crazy french milliner chick, or that other artist chick. Neither of which has eaten as many sausages or waffles as me. So screw claimID. Bring on the old fashioned DUEL TO THE DEATH (which will be won by ME).


by the way, here is an example of the hats our french "friend" gaela makes:
it's called the defiled epi-rebel hat.
or something like that.
i don't speak french.


damn you and your non-html.
how am i supposed to bring the hatty goodness?
for all interested parties,
click on my name.
it's not that interesting... but i just needed some closure.

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