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July 13, 2006



that gargamel is shrewd, indeed.


btw, is martha the birthday princess? or is it you? i will find you a tiara, you goof.


She is the Princess who bestows bounties upon the birthday havers.


We do not have low sodium tuna, but we do have two cans of Fancy Feast. We think the bird feeder could be instrumental in inviting/attracting certain avian strangers into our as heretofore exclusively human and feline circle of friends. If the two cans of Fancy Feast (turkey giblet surprise, and one Ocean Feast) do not strike your Fancy, as it were, then we suppose we could talk some Chicken. but really the Turkey (giblet, with gravy!) is not half bad.
~ Frida and Soomu


Happy Birthday Stewf!!

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