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February 03, 2006


Jordan Scrivner

Awesome dream. A+

Matthew Coles

I remember having a vivid dream of this ilk when i was in high school. I think it happened right after I watched the movie "Red Dawn" where teenagers fight against the Russians with hunting rifles up in the mountains.


I have horrible memories of that movie too! I think I only saw part of it, but I was pretty young. Wasn't there a scene in there in which the Russians were brainwashing people? Terrified me for years.


The weirdest part, to me anyway, is not the terrorist-volcano-missile crisis. It's John Denver... there has got to be something important about him and the war on terror.

I suggest buying his records and playing them backwards until you figure out how to STOP THEM FROM WINNING.


I'd like to buy the rights.

I've got a camera and a guy that looks a lot like Denver.


I give it about six months before we hear about "Al Queda Operatives Hiding Out in Volcanoes" "Secret Science being developed by Iran Causing Volcanic Eruption". Sad but true. Someone will see this blog, mention it to Rove and it will go the way of Einsteins theory to the a bomb. Well, hopefully not. That's a bit dreary, isn't it? I love the dream though. Reminds me of some of my own. I especially love the geeking out "Can't wait to post my photos on Flickr" part.
from holly

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