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January 26, 2005



oooh that first rosewood wall system made almost me faint!

hey, you should get yourself a marimekko bag in the Olkalaukku style! i had a grey one for ten years. i became one with that bag, couldnt live without it.

i miss it.

must buy a new one.


I have such admiration for your shopping habits. Yes, I think we'll get along just fine. We can trade secrets and tips – I'll show you the ways of shoe and accessory shopping (ya know, just in case you don't have enough necklaces, earrings, or hand-made silk scarves), you provide me with the knowledge needed to make my future homeland a haven for comfort and style.

We could have a reality TV show.


Oh crap, just about joined mya in the fainting room with the rosewood wall system.


you are the envy of introvert hipsters everywhere.

the wall system is indeed brilliant.

thanks for posting these awesome links lately. oogling at furniture has never been so fulfilling.


Mya - Link me to the Olkalaukku. (Isn't it weird how Finnish sounds like Hawaiian? Opposite ends of the globe.)

Milan - So glad someone besides me is benefitting from my internet time-wasting.


this is the bag:
but i know there's tons of colours other than boring red, blue and black.
japanese people seem to love this bag, they had much better sites:)

there apparently a store named flicka in s.f that carries marimekko bags..they dont say which ones though

sorry for the non clickable links, must hurry back to sanding the floor in the store


oh yeah, forgot to say that the olkalaukku bag was designed by Ristomattii Ratia, who is the son of Marimekko's founder Armi Ratia

Miss Tiffany

For as often as people say they hate Mossimo Vignelli, he and his wife, Lela, truly have designed many beautiful objects. Thanks for sharing more links, dark wood always does it for me.


EQ3... thank god for Canada


I have a walnut Cado system....for over thirty years...would like to take it down...without destroying it...any advice?


No idea, dogcat. Never had the privilege of owning a wall system. Sorry.

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