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January 20, 2005



and to think, you only have to pay a little over $3000 for arm rests that act like foot rests.

aw, gee stewf. how am i supposed to choose which couch? i like the andré! there, i said it.



I ran into similar problems when I moved to my current apartment. I ended up having to have a lot of things in through the (2nd floor) balcony. Not fun for the movers.

Now I'm looking for houses and I'm dreading the move out.

Hmm. I guess I like the Goetz best.


Bensen Sleeper Sofa


That is pretty Alec. But I musts needs arms.


Haha, love the little nod she does at the end. "There."


I've always liked Arne Jacobsen's 3300 sofa series.


Very lovely! Thanks Brendan. I love the profile (my favorite part of the Case Study too). By the looks of the site I take it I cannot afford Fritz Hansen or his fine products.


I like Goetz!!


I like the Case Study best. But I've always been one for slightly high backs. Especially nice for tall people like yourself.


Okay, I know how much you are a fan of thick armrests, and surprisingly NONE of these seem to qualify. The Arcadia has the thickest armrests, tho set back a bit (but I like that). The long cushion won't get pushed around and it is very easy on the eyes-but is it not a sleeper? Wait! None of these are sleepers!! We gonna havta sleep on this too, people. I still place all my sleepover hopes in the Arcadia.


go for the Goetz, it would fit the 'partment perfectly.


yeah, goetz gets my vote too. all the hot girls want the goetz.


G-La — I was all about the thick armrests until my length constrictions forced me to think maximum seating area under 80 inches. So now I'm in mid-century mod mode. In fact, just got this bench for the bedroom.


Can't go wrong with wood veneer.

I myself need a bed.


you are wise. i trust you. and i LOVE the bench. does that mean i can come pick up the chair and ottoman? tee! *mwa*


from what i have heard about the look and feel of your place i think the goetz fits the best. i like the andre, but then i do like the design of the legs on the arcadia. wouldn't be nice if you could just design your own sofa. i guess i am just too indecisive.


S. - Thanks for the link to Scandinavia Designs. I just bought a bedroom set for my guest room and dining room table and chairs from their sister store, Dania Furniture in Chicago.

Now I am trying to figure out if this will fit in my living room.

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