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January 15, 2005



at first, i thought you were wasting precious moments not looking at this band with your naked eyes... but now i couldn't be more grateful that they were inside a lens that captured the delight. thank you stewf! you are so, so thoughtful!


How does the mediocrity of their album transfer to the live arena?


Ahh, the nsps troll. I see you're not going to back up that statement with your real name ... prepare to be flamed!

Jeremy J-Dawg

Yes, no one knows who NSPS is, especially if you went to the linked Web page.

Sorry, I forgot I usually use the J-Dawg monicker that Stewf gave me instead of my standard nsps name. It would have been amusing if I'd really tried to be anonymous, as I don't think you'd have any trouble guessing my identity.

Anyway, you didn't answer. How did the mediocrity (or brilliance, depending on your perspective) stack up?

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