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December 09, 2004



Oompa loompa love shall be had! I am so x-heighted about this, really. Depp looks, um, odd, but you can bet I'll drool over his frightening pearly whites anyway. Fancy dub-yah.


Ok, now that I've seen a replica of the original Golden Ticket I'm more impressed with the new one.


The old ticket feels more like a very personal, yet extremely spooky invitation.
The new one is more like a boring invite to a function you'd rather avoid.
Honestly, it takes more energy to hate this movie than to like it, and I feel myself getting weary already.
Zara, let us commence with the drooling.

Joanne Woodward

What are you talking about? The old school Golden Ticket is FANCY! Just lookit them starbursts. That's how you know it's classy.


Yes, the old ticket isn't perfect, and it's a bit cheesy...but it made grampa walk again and DANCE TOO! We'll see if that happens with this new-fangled ticket.

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