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November 19, 2004



STEWF! Thank you so much for informing me of their goodness. They are indeed good. KHARMA WILL BE GOOD TO YOU!



Well I don't actually see MY NAME on this post ... but I will be there if I am truly invited. I do believe I will be here in Californi-ay on January 13.


Excellent! This means my chosen Fiery Triumvirate is complete! Now just one more ticket to fill to the highest lucky bidder (or the cutest).




My freaky indie-loving husband likes your freaky indie music. I'm sorry to say I still don't like non-indie but universally (except for me) beloved Natalie Merchant, and though Low is growing on me (I think it's a survival technique), I still prefer the musical stylings of Britney Spears and her marketing genius producers.

Britney Spears. Now there's a name I'd bet you never expected to see on this site.

Do I need to mention really small bears to redeem myself?


I will be there in spirit, but really at home shedding many tears by a cold fire with, still, no small bears to keep me entertained.


Wow, you've really turned into a fan! I'm glad my lobbying finally succeeded, that doesn't happen too often.

Aaron Sittig

Yo stewf, I mailed you a while back but I think it might have gotten eaten by a spam eating machine along the way. Glad I checked your blog cause it reminded me that I have a chance to get a ticket the second great american show (as long as I can wake up sunday morning to but the tickets!). Send me a message on AIM sometime, screenname is aaronhax0r (with a zero).

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