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November 04, 2004



Glad to see you are not bitter that the democrats have fallen out of touch with most Americans. I love the hypocrisy between the Jesusland and the city folks and faggots maps. It seems that it is ok for democrats to make broad generalizations whereas republicans are lambasted for doing the same.


You have a fine point, Micah. I'm not a huge fan of all these. That's why I posted without commentary. I do think the general idea is amusing. I mostly wanted to show how sharply divided many people believe America is. The fact that these maps were made illustrates that as much as the maps themselves.

They are pretty misleading as to real numbers, though. A more accurate map would show county results, not those of states, resulting in a nation speckled with red and blue, rather than divided in big blocks.

About Christianity: I wonder if you believe the exit polls that say most of those who voted for Bush did so on "moral issues". I'm not sure what to think — those polls have often proven to be bunk — but it sounds about right to me.


Another interesting map.

Jeremy J-Dawg

Another interesting map would be one identifying the states that take the most money from the government with red and those who lose tax dollars to those states colored blue. The red states have been sucking on the teet of blue state generosity, yet many of their voters are so clueless that they'd rather dive into poverty than allow gay people to marry. Hatred: the fuel that moves America.

Jeremy J-Dawg


I thought that Texas should be barely blue in the earlier figures I saw. Obviously DC is an exception since it isn't a state.


I love that Jesusland map. I'm going to steal that and make a poster.

Hey Stephen, I've been meaning to get back to you about going out to lunch sometime. How about next week?

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