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September 13, 2004



That's it, I'm calling Oprah. Brill, dahling, Brill.

The Meat Handler

I can tell you loved Michale Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country?" too. the "Oprah for President" chapter made me giggle.
I am an unapologetic Michael Moore fan.


Well, I bet if John Kerry gave a brand new car to everyone who voted for him, he would be loved quite a lot too.

But I think Oprah should be president and she could tell of her plans and new policies for the country on her show while talking to Brad and Jennifer about their new movie together. Maybe this would get people interested in politics again.


Oprah/Donahue 2012!

The Dude

I'm with Dave and Todd. Totally.


It's Oprah's fault Bush is president.


Exactly, Jess. We have Oprah to credit or blame for anything good or bad that happens in this country.


Do you think we could maybe blame her for the drought? AIDS? My stunning lack of chocolate this morning?

Jeremy J-Dawg

Jess is right. Oprah and Ralph Nader bare most of the responsibility for Bush becoming president. Al Gore's campaign officials ran a poor campaign, but he still managed to win the popular vote and if it weren't for Oprah's fawning over Bush, there would be no question of who won the White House. So don't expect any help from that sell-out bitch.


Js - I hope you don't think I was being sarcastic. Mine was a semi-exaggerated statement of the grip mainstream media has on our nation.

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