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September 05, 2004



i rule!


90 pts! You only scored a 30 last time. How much more could you possibly have learned about me since April?


April-June were eventful months! I learned all sorts of things through that time.


boohoo i dont know you very well at all!
oh well...oh i did see your dobbelganger last week. i almost made an ass of myself waving and screaming stuufi at borders:)

Paul Newman

I clearly know nothing as our relationship is based mostly over iChat.

Please hurry up and send me my new fonts for my new line of cat food.


98, baby!


I need your phone number. I have no internet. But I do have a cell phone with free weekends and nights (after 9 woot). And for some reason every utility company wants to call me Nerine, so I'm doing the same, to make it easier.


Aha, I wondered who the Nerine was. Thanks for your digits. I'll call soon.


I am the most improved!


i'm so jealous, i want to talk to nerine on the phone :(


I am a failure as a friend. I got a lowly 86. I will do better on The Stewf Quiz Part 3.


who are you? Stewf who? Do I even know you?

Bill Dunford

81 is an embarassing showing, considering. I pledge to do better in round three.


My sad 55 is proof that knowing your online persona is far from knowing the real stewf :)

It was fun, though.

The Dude

Boobies with 98, dude. Again with the best guesses!

And yes, that little photo of you, found below this comment field, rocks. Common tho, what's with the heavy shadow? Give me that image and photoshop, I have a date with manipulating your photo! Er, wait...

fifi mctibbity

I suck at knowing you. But I did know about your fanny accident, and that you really like guns and roses, or wait, was it enya?

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