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September 09, 2004



Oh look at 'da big bear! I want to pet him and pinch his cheeks.


Did it. Bought a shirt. Gave your name. Happiness delivered to my door in a priority mail box.


Alina: thank you for reminding me of your greatness.


Greatness? Are you mocking me? Don't mock. I may cry. Big fake tears, but great ones nonetheless. :)


Wait, I got no credits! Greatness compliment retracted!


But I put it there!! I swear it was there!! I'm so sorry. :(
If you are a patient stewf boy I will buy another one, trust me...I've been tooling around the site for hours now.


Hehe, no worry. It may take some time to materialize. Thank you A!


If you like polar bears on your shirt you should check this one out by SLC local artist Leia Bell: http://www.cafepress.com/leiabell/380952

Kenn Munk

I saw a girl at the gym wearing this. Unfortunately I was out of breath so I couldn't say 'Nice tee'. Instead she just thought I was staring at her breasts.

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