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June 07, 2004



so tell me... does this apartment allow cats?

i have hidden motives for asking. well, not really. they're pretty candid.


The do indeed. I hope I am still one of the 3 humans of which Willa isn't afraid.

The Meat Handler

I'm afraid of humans too.

The Dude

My good pal, lets hope you've got a cot, cause you know I'll be there sooner if not later -- Nerd World 2005, possibly even on my way back from Hawaii (thank you Dad!).


This place looks so beautiful! I hope you're OK with really spontaneous visitors (I'm watching for cheap weekend flights and could arrive with only 2 days notice). Can't wait!!


Congratulations Stephen!

Cheshire Dave

On behalf of the entire East Bay, we're very glad to have you, Stewf. When do you arrive?


Yay Chesh! Current date of arrival is July 17, but that's been changing weekly.

Miss Tiff

Congratulations Stewf! This new home oddly reminds me of a condensed version of your last home. But then it was night and cold.


Did I not invite you in!? What a chump.


That picture positively screams "Berkeley"! Mission style, the wrought iron gate, no screens on the windows. Last I heard, landing an apartment in the Bay Area is an Herculean task. Congrats!


Very nice! Looking forward to your arrival, Stewf!

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