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January 14, 2004



I am SO unfathomably disappointed that I could not witness your karaoke talents (or lack thereof).

I like Jen's scarf of worms.

I also enjoy the photos - which camera is this?

It looks cold. Chewing on that licorice will keep you warm, mister.



Thanks Milano. This is my beloved Canon S400.


I am very fond of all shots Jen - she is too cute and lips like sugared glaze on Krispy Creme doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts.

Yummy lips aside, my favorite photo, by far, is you and your computer. It's like a perfect vision of love.


Oh yeah, and I love the classic cigarette and karaoke shot.


The added humour to "We Got Beef" is that it's a rather trendy gay bar. I'm surprised you didn't also get the sans-serif "dtm" across the street which is short for 'don't tell mamma'. :)


I can't tell if you are serious, hfb, but I sure hope you are!


we got beef is not a gay bar, but don't tell mama is.

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