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October 23, 2003



Stewf, do you know that if there is always an insect around, it means there is someone always thinking about you. ;) Warmish isn't it, in spite of the cold cold snow!

+ extra *bug* report: stewf is no working in OS9 IE, but who cares!!!! :D


I forget how I got here, but am glad to have found the site. I didn't know you had a site outside of Typographica. I like the writing, good stuff. Look forward to reading more adventures in Sweden.


How delightful! My Naf and Naz commenting in one day! I'm embarrassed, though, that two of my favorite designers witnessed this unfinished mess of a comment template. Please pardon the crud. It will be cleaned up shortly.


stewf, I hope you're warm. expect care package soon, contents include warm orange hat and sad, yearning letter.
I like your site and I appreciate your brevity. don't neglect your email pen pal
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I don't see how it is possible for you to lose weight, stüf. Maybe me and Sarah need to send over a crate of PowerBars.

I can simpithise with your fruit fly situation. I have had a house fly buzzing around my computer for the past week it seems. I've tried shooing it away and smacking it back to it's maker, but neither has worked.

And if you need more funds, i would love to purcahse the AA posters you gave me. I've had them up for a month and they still make me smile everytime i look at them.


maybe this url will help with the americana food problem?



Dave - You are sweet. But no, enjoy the posters gratis.
Peter - I forgot to check travel book sites, thank you! I've actually been to 2 of the 3 that Frommers listed, Saluhall is beautiful and Kungshallen is like an American mall food court with much better food. The American Food Store just sounds gross to me, but if they have energy bars...


They have a Gray's in Malmö too. It's not so bad...mostly food & drink stuff like Dr.Peppers, powerbars, red nachos and other necessities ;)

John B.

Don't feel bad about not speaking Sweden-talk yet. I took 2 quarters of Swedish in college and did abysmally. It's tough! And I'm an eighth Swedish and live in Minnesota. Go figure.


>buckling down for the 5-month winter

Ah, just like Calgary. You could've moved here and worked for us. :)


Don't taunt me, Grant!


Yes, and what OF that diary of your first week?

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