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October 13, 2003



This fruit fly may view you as a friend. I read a true story about a man who learned to communicate psychically with animals, beginning with a dog and then ants, and eventually a fly he named "Freddy." Freddy would greet him every morning by landing on his shaving mirror, follow him around the house, and then disappear at night. He did not allow Freddy to land on his skin. One night at the insistance of a friend he called and called to Freddy until the fly came and landed on his finger. The friend was duly impressed but the fly never appeared after that. Perhaps the strain of flying at night killed him, or maybe his life span was up.


Janean, that is one of greatest stories ever told. I will have trouble sleeping at nights as I contemplate the reason for the friendly fly's demise.


The best part was when the author telepathically asked the fly, "What are you doing in my world?" and the fly responded, "What are you doing in my world?"


Hahah. Excellent.

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