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January 01, 2009



Hi Stephen. Thanks for this. It still feels really good, although I didn't sleep last night. Last night was Olivia Mi-Yeon's (pretty much just Miyeon right now) last night in bed with us - her third - and tonight is her first night in her crib, where she's been napping well during the day. Whether this is an epic disaster remains to be seen. I am expecting it to be difficult but so far she has pleasantly surprised me at every turn - from bonding with me instantly to being a wonderful karaoke companion.

Her favorites so far:

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, both the Beatles original and the wonderful instrumental version by Jason Falkner, who has a whole album of great electronic covers of Beatles songs specifically for kids

Nina Simone's version of Leonard Cohen's Suzanne

The Talking Heads - Stay Up Late

Cat Stevens - Oh Baby it's a Wild World

Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers to Cross

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujiah

and the #1 favorite:

The Motorcycle Song by Arlo Guthrie (we sing along to all of these)
you can follow her progress at http://www.hewnandhammered.com/olivia

Chris Rugen

Little kids + music = awesome

You haven't lived until you've seen a tiny person who can't even walk bounce up and down in excitement to a song.


Yay, I'm so happy for Joshua and family...

Spending time with Derrick's nieces, I was confused, at first, by their unconditional love. They hardly knew me, but they were *very* excited whenever I walked into the room. I miss it now. Makes me rethink not wanting kids too.

Although I am still enjoying my autonomy.

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