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June 05, 2004


Dave Cunningham

Actually, Windows is ridden with spyware, adware, and viruses because the overwhelming majority of all computer users are running Windows. The authors of those programs would get meager returns if they designed their programs to run on Macintoshes soley because they would have a much smaller target audience.

While Macs do have a good amount of snob appeal (don't get me wrong, I love Apple), from my experience Mac users are no more computer-savvy or less tolerant than the average Windows user. If Mac users didn't "tolerate shit," they wouldn't have a daily avalanche of Viagra-laden spam in their inboxes every morning. Were adware platform independant, as email is, Mac users would really be in the same boat as Windows users.

So, really, it is more circumstance that keeps Macs free of annoyanceware and viruses.

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